Combining the telegram and a proxy server for secure and anonymous messaging on Android

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Question: How does Proxygram?

Answer: Proxygram works exactly the same as the Telegram. All your contacts and previous reports will also be delivered in a telegram. Your friends and colleagues will not even know that you are using another application. Nevertheless, Proxygram prevents determine the IP-address you use any state organizations.

Question: How Proxygram protects me?

Answer: Proxygram your masks the IP-address, so that the telegram (Russian) sees the IP-address of my proxy server, not the IP-address of your phone. This prevents the cable or any government track you using IP-address. All users Proxygram vygledyat origin from the same source, so that any intruder will be difficult to identify the end user, just as TOR confuses users.

Question: Will you make an application for your desktop or Apple iOS?

Answer: I am Android developer who created Proxygram for themselves and their friends. I could create Proxygram desktop or Apple iOS app, but now my choice is Android platform.

Question: Why did you create Proxygram?

Answer: I am committed to the cause against the government's invasion of privacy, and would prefer to close their services than to give any information about users to the authorities. This is my promise Proxygram users.

Question: Do I have to remove before installing Telegrams ProxyGram?

Answer: Due to the encryption from end to end in a telegram, ProxyGram and telegrams can not be installed on the same device. Remove the telegram and then set ProxyGram